Spiritual Help                                                                            

There are several individuals who are dedicated to making sure the needs of people in the Bethany community are met.


Sometimes life can seem confusing, lonely, or just plain hard.  If you would like some support, a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on, we would love to hear from you.  There is a variety of men and women at Bethany who are prepared to speak with you to see how we can assist.   Contact us at bethanychapel@mail.com

Elders and Deacons:  These are the leaders in our church and they are available to pray with you and offer spiritual encouragement in difficult times. They often help solve practical problems as well.  Our elders are Ralph Berry, Dave Kidney, Barry Kirk, Graeme Kirk, and Ian Stuart.  Our deacons are Alison Berry, Jean Cadet, Gloria Kidney, John Duncan, and Zack KirkTo arrange a visit, please contact one of them, or email us at bethanychapel@mail.com. Elders and deacons work together to support, encourage and help individuals and families who worship at Bethany.

Ministry Leaders:  People who are involved in activities such as Sunday School, Celebration and Tribe are a good resource if you have any questions or would just like someone to talk to.

Others:  There are others at Bethany who are also interested in helping out.  Some have experience with medical needs and are familiar with the health care system.  Others are familiar with the special needs experienced by newcomers to Canada.  A few have training as lay counsellors.  Please let us know how we can help you practically, socially or spiritually. 


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